Wuhan United Partnered with MAP International

Wuhan United Partnered with MAP International to Airlift 120 Pallets of Surgical Masks and Protective Gear to Wuhan

From MAP International News Release

MAP International airlifts 120 pallets of surgical masks and protective gear to China hospitals hard-hit by coronavirus

Brunswick, Georgia January 30, 2020 – MAP International, a Georgia-based nonprofit global health organization working in 98 countries, is partnering with The UPS Foundation to airlift 1.3 million respirator masks and 10,000 protective coveralls to hard-hit hospitals treating coronavirus patients in Wuhan, China.

The coronavirus is spreading rapidly in China. More than 170 people have died, with nearly 8,000 cases reported, and millions more are under quarantine. Additional cases have been reported in Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, France and Australia. And in the United States, there are five reported cases with patients having recently returned from Wuhan, China.

The coronavirus outbreak is the fourth emergency which MAP has responded to in January alone. As a result, the organization’s stock of respirators is running dangerously low. MAP estimates that they will need to raise at least $100,000 to replace depleted supplies so that they are prepared when the next disaster strikes.

With the help of donors and partners, MAP is sending the following much needed items to China:

  • 1,348,280 masks
  • 10,758 protective suits
  • 280,000 pairs of nitrile gloves

“We are grateful to our corporate partners UPS, 3M, The Bristol‐Myers Squibb Foundation, Cardinal Health, Wuhan United, and Henry Schein (Henry Schein provided us with masks in September that we pre‐positioned for emergency use), for helping us respond to the coronavirus outbreak,” said Steve Stirling, MAP President and CEO.

To donate to MAP’s future disaster relief efforts, visit give.map.org/disaster1

About MAP International

MAP International is a Georgia-based global health organization providing hope to millions of people around the world for over 65 years. They bring medicines and health supplies to those in need so people might experience life to the fullest. Please visit www.map.org to learn more.

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