Donation Reception Ceremony

It’s here! 

A massive array of 76 pallets of 1.6 million donated medical masks from Wuhan United finally cleared China customs and arrived in Shenzhen today.  

donated medical masks from Wuhan United arrived in Shenzhen today.

These masks that carried the loving hearts and best wishes from Wuhan United and its donation partners such as MAP International, Cardinal Health, Grandstream, and Cisco will soon be on their way to about 60 frontline hospitals in 10 Chinese cities that are fighting the coronavirus, including Wuhan, Suizhou, Huangzhou, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Heshan, Hangzhou, Wenzhou, Shanghai, Yantai and 8 Children Welfare Institutes in Hubei. Cardinal donated all masks. MAP handled the masks in the US. Cisco provided international transportation. Grandstream provided cash donation, man power and domestic transportation in China. Wuhan United is responsible for the whole project management, custom clearance and distribution inside China.

Senior officials from Shenzhen government, including Yuyang Jiang, vice chairman of standing Committee of the People’s Congress, Lexuan Luo, director of Public Health Committee, Presidents of seven Shenzhen based hospitals, and other prestigious guests from local government in Shenzhen, attended the donation acceptance ceremony at Shenzhen 2nd People’s Hospital this morning. COO of Wuhan United, Dr. Xuemei Lin co-hosted the ceremony with President Lie Guohui from Shenzhen 2nd People’s Hospital. Tom Gong, Chairman of Wuhan United, Steve Sterling, CEO of MAP International, Jia Lian, General Manager of Cardinal Health (China), Cheer Cao from Cisco, David Li, CEO of Grandstream Networks, Director from Shenzhen Health Committee, and President of Shenzhen 2nd People’s Hospital, gave inspiring speeches at the ceremony. Representatives from Cisco, DHL, China Post, and other contributing partners were also present at the ceremony.

This is the latest and also the largest delivery of donated medical supplies from Wuhan United since its inception less than 1 month ago. It marks a major milestone in Wuhan United’s charted mission to help Chinese medical professionals’ fight against coronavirus and also a key inflection point in its action plan to amass donations from all walks of life worldwide to help improve the public health condition continuously in Wuhan and throughout China.

Tom Gong, Chairman of Wuhan United