What are the medical equipments we plan to purchase?

Wuhan United will purchase four types of equipment, which have been specifically requested by the Union Hospital in Wuhan

  1. Respirators (with no exhalation valves), of which we need three particular kinds: Surgical masks made in accord with the Chinese Standard GB 19083-2010, NIOSH-approved N95 respirators, KN95 certified respirators (NOTE: KN95 is a standard which stipulates that the mask effectively filters above 95% of particles)
  2. Surgical masks that meet the requirement of yy 0469-2011
  3. Cleanroom coveralls (made in accord with the Chinese standard GB19082-2009): oftentimes they have red or blue stripes on clothes & pants
  4. Medical safety goggles

Do we accept donations of medical equipment from individuals or organizations?

We currently accept both funds and bulk medical supplies & equipment. Just like in the United States, medical devices are subject to strict regulations. We need to make sure that all equipment we denote are commensurate with the Chinese standards so that they can pass customs screening and be immediately useful at the hospitals.

How do we ensure transparency and accountability?

We will publish on multiple platforms all essential information, including numbers and quantifications of donation, medical equipments we purchase with donated funds, delivery methods, and receipt confirmations.

Are we planning to donate to cities/towns other than Wuhan in the Hubei province?

Indeed, the neighboring cities and towns are suffering a shortage of medical resources no less than Wuhan. We promise to try our best. The first two campaigns will send donations to hospitals in Wuhan. We will research access to other cities/towns in Hubei and hope to reach them in the near future.

How do we make sure that donations will be securely delivered to the hospitals in Wuhan?

The greatest challenge at this moment is that it is difficult to maintain a standard route of delivery. Nevertheless, we have a research team who has been maintaining contacts in custom offices in China (including Guangzhou and Shanghai) and watching closely vicissitudes in transportation and changes in Wuhan policies. The transportation plan for each shipment will likely be sui generis, and we promise to publish it as soon as it is made.