Living Through A Pandemic Series 3

Interview Dr. Lei Zhao, Wuhan, China: Infectious Disease Specialist
By Dr. Julia Zhu, San Jose, California: Stanford Healthcare Doctor
3/28 Saturday, 17:00 PST
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Organized by: Wuhan United, a California non-profit organization

US has the largest number of COVID-19 infected patients now. How will our lives be changed?

Dr. Lei Zhao, Professor of  Medicine, Infectious Disease department at Wuhan Union hospital, has been on the frontline for the past three months. He has directly treated 96 COVID-19 patients, and helped other doctors treat hundreds of patients. Wuhan has gone through the phases of the pandemic, from thousands of new cases and hundreds of deaths per day, to zero new case.

Dr. Zhao will be interviewed by Dr. Julia Zhu from San Jose, California, who is a Stanford Healthcare Family Medicine doctor.

Dr. Zhao will talk about the pandemic progress, his personal experience with COVID-19 patients, and how he and his family lived through it in Wuhan.

Both doctors will discuss what we might learn from China.

For viewers in China, watch the video here.
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